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If you are looking to conduct online people searches, you have come to the right place. Instant people search will allow you to instantly browse government databases and find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are wanting to conduct people searches to check background records, or criminal records, Instant People Search will allow you to do this instantly.

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Locate anyone in any US State and Country Online. With Your Lifetime Membership you also get Immediate Access to Unlimited Background Checks

Unlimited Background Checks

What Kind of People Searches Can You Perform?

There are literally hundreds of different people searches that you can perform with Instant People Search. You will have instant access to search nationwide public records as well as people living in your surrounding neighborhood. By using our 100% legal and fully organized public record databases, you will have access to complete research tools for obtaining public record information of people from the privacy of your own home or office.

  • Conduct background searches on people before hiring them
  • Look up Sex Offenders listed in your neighborhood
  • Search historical death and marriage records
  • Find prison records of inmates serving time
  • Locate civil court records and criminal records

Plus conduct unlimited people searches to find information on anyone you want. Instant People Searches are easy, and cost you less than pennies per search. The record database is very current and will have the most up to date records available to anyone.

What Members Have To Say

"Thanks to your criminal search database, I was able to locate some criminal history on a neighbor of mine who was a convicted sex offender. I also found out he was released from jail 3 years ago. Thanks!!"

-Jenna B

So, What Exactly is Provided?

By using our data and record search you are standing at the doorstep full of information. Members are provided with the ability to conduct their own public record searches on others as well as themselves. Several years ago, this was not possible.

You can instantly tap into databases of these records and information so all that you have to do is search for what you need. With millions of public records which are easily accessible, you can search almost any type of record you are searching for!

What Countries are Included?

Our database service is one that offers information and records for people living in the United States. But, you will also find many public record searches for other countries such as Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Frequent Uses

There are many different uses that you can take part in with the information and records you have found here. The number one use is locating or identifying a missing person or discovering more information about someone for personal and/or business purposes.

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"This is the most unique search tool I have found on the internet today. I was able to track down my family history in just a few short minutes! Great research tool. "

-Patty L.
"My family was searching the Internet trying to find some information on our past ancestors. We gave your site a try and was able to find some old death records of my great great grand parents! Thank-you so much!"

-Brenda Z.
"You have made locating court records easier than ever! With one quick search I was able to locate all the court files I needed for my report!"

-Hillary G.
"Locating criminal records is part of my studies in college. Your search tool allowed me to find these records and research them from my own home. Thanks for saving me so much time and providing me with the information I needed."

-Nelly S.